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“Verify Solutions has brought a wealth of experience to our application performance testing and monitoring capability. Their clear approach and succinct delivery model makes what would otherwise be a complex challenge, a simple solution. On every occasion we receive clear deliverables and rapid results.”

Rob Ferrari, IS Support Director, PRS for Music.

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“The performance of our applications is of critical importance to us and the rapid resolution of any issues is essential. The employment of Verify Solutions services has delivered a rapid return. They delivered a succinct and timely project to pinpoint the precise nature and cause of specific application traffic. The analysis and associated evidence allowed us to take forward a solution. We saved valuable time and effort that would have otherwise been spent on diagnosing the problem. This made the partnership with Verify Solutions extremely worthwhile and we would recommend their services.”

Cathy Barwick, IT Project Manager, Scottish Qualifications Authority.


“Verify Solutions technical knowledge and professionalism throughout our performance testing work has been outstanding. The clear way in which they articulated and de-mystified the art of performance testing has been inspirational.

Equally as importantly, the Consultants from Verify Solutions became part of our team from day one. This immediate integration and the straight forward approach and flexibility under the pressure of a challenging project deserves high praise indeed.”

David Wallach, Chief Business Services Coordinator, Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) Limited.


“Verify Solutions delivered a timely and valuable insight into the application testing and release processes at Archant. The precious experience and refreshingly straight forward approach they bring to the engagement is a real asset. The reporting and resulting actions are realistic and achievable and go a long way towards helping us achieve our quality objectives in application delivery. We would thoroughly recommend Verify Solutions to others seeking to improve in the area of application delivery.”

Ian Syer, Head of Business Applications, Archant Information Systems.


“Verify Solutions brought a wealth of experience and professionalism to measuring and quantifying our application performance. Equally as importantly, their Consultants integrated seamlessly and rapidly became part of our team. The results of our work together to date have proved to be an eye opener into the level of information and business relevance available. We are very much looking forward to continuing our relationship and to engaging Verify Solutions further.”

Karl Harris, Head of E-services Europe.


“Verify Solutions delivered in days what many companies may take weeks to uncover. Not only did we know immediately what the real problem was, we even managed to begin to implement the remedy there and then! The information delivered by Verify Solutions is concise, meaningful and relevant to IT and business personnel alike.”

Paul Munday, Network Services Manager, Debenhams Plc.


“We consistently seek to improve application performance and ultimately customer experience. Working with Verify Solutions has been an extremely good investment and we have already begun dialogue to see where else we may be able to see improvements.”

Bjørn H.Moshuus, Corporate IT Director, Elopak AS.


“Working with Verify Solutions has enabled us to rapidly improve the return on investment in our networked application reporting solutions. Verify Solutions approach to our requirements and professionalism in delivery is refreshing. The reporting we are now receiving is thorough, concise and, importantly, meaningful to all concerned, from technical personnel through to business management.”

Mike Brunsdon, Network Services Manager, Standard Bank Plc.


“We have partnered with Verify Solutions on many occasions to validate the performance of our critical applications and our testing capability as a whole. Their experience, agility and flexibility in approach, together translate into a true capability to help us achieve our quality and performance goals. The Department highly values the level of professionalism and maturity delivered by Verify Solutions.”

Simon Jones, Chief Information Officer, The Department for International Development.


“Verify Solutions’ specialism in this area enabled their Consultants to identify the most appropriate testing tools and method, design a solution within the constraints and demands of the environment and to deliver the results quickly.”

Richard Swann, Head of IT, Institute of Directors.


“We originally engaged with Verify Solutions to assist the Firm with performance and load testing of specific applications prior to launch. As a result of their investigations we were able to review the deployment and configuration to identify opportunities for material improvement in performance. Since then, Verify Solutions has helped us on a number of occasions to investigate and resolve live performance concerns, including in areas of application testing and adoption of best practice. In every instance Verify have delivered succinct, timely and valuable information from the outset.”

Siddhartha Mankad, Operations and IT Director.


“Clyde & Co has worked with Verify Solutions over a number of differing application performance challenges, including rapidly locating and resolving live concerns, measuring and reporting on application performance trends and pre-production testing and simulation prior to significant infrastructure changes.

In every instance, we’ve been exceptionally pleased with the clear approach to the project, the level of professionalism with which they engage with all at The Firm and importantly, with the results. Application delivery at Clyde & Co has measurably improved since we’ve been working with Verify Solutions and we would recommend their services.”

Tony Wright, Technical Architect, Clyde & Co LLP.



“Whereas many consultancies would possibly take weeks to deliver, once on site, Verify Solutions began to demonstrate immediate value. We’ve been exceptionally pleased with the partnership with Verify Solutions and are already looking at other areas in which they can help us deliver improvements.”

John Summerfield, Infrastructure Manager, Control Techniques.