Application Performance Management

It can be difficult to understand the issues that might affect the performance of an application, especially given today’s multilayered architectures and the numerous parties that can be involved in development and support.

We can help you understand the real cause of performance bottlenecks, so key personnel know where to focus their attention. This often has the additional benefit of encouraging a collaborative approach to resolving performance issues between the various parties involved.

Using leading analytical tools we offer a rapid, cost-effective service to analyse the performance of your networked software applications. We can provide a full analysis of key business transactions and offer assurance or recommendations for action, usually within a week.

We’ll help you gain a clear understanding of how the application, servers and network interact to affect the overall performance. We can also provide accurate predictions for performance under different network conditions. So in addition to pinpointing the cause of current issues we can also help you improve performance for the future.This service is appropriate for all types of distributed system applications.

Deliverables :

  • a detailed report, along with an executive summary, discussing the true cause of application performance problems and offering absolute proof
  • accurate prediction of performance in alternative potential deployment scenarios
  • presentation, discussion and recommendations for action, taking into account the application architecture, typical use and any known growth predictions

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