Performance Testing

The complete solution to ensure confidence in your site, application or campaign.

Your web application or website is critical to the success of your business. Numerous studies show that customers and prospects will abandon a site or application if it doesn’t perform – and never return. Waiting until it’s live to measure performance is not a good idea.

Our 3D-Load service identifies scalability problems and helps to pinpoint the true cause, so you can ensure that you go live with confidence that your users and customers will have a great experience.

3D-Load is a cloud based environment provisioned with best of breed load testing tools. We test web applications remotely over the internet and can scale the volumes of users and locations easily. We use the best commercially available tools and take care of the whole process, saving you time, money and other resources needed to volume test your applications internally.

This alignment of skills, specialism and powerful tools ensures that 3D-Load delivers the most effective and comprehensive tests and reports available.


Advantages of 3D-Load

Performance testing is a discipline. You need tools, infrastructure, expertise and experience. All of these carry a cost of acquisition and maintenance. 3D-Load provides all of this, ready to go. Whether the application is experiencing problems in production or a new application needs to be fully validated before deployment, 3D-Load can help. Your report will be comprehensive, carrying all of the supporting data and charts required. More than this, we deliver an Executive Summary and fully explained details of the tests, outcomes and recommendations in a business context, ensuring value to everyone in your organisation.

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