Application performance diagnosis and prevention

The call went something like this. “Hi, I’d like to log a call please”. “Sure, how can I help?” “Well, <insert application name here> is running slow and it’s been like that for a while.” “OK, what is it that you’re trying to do?” “Just my normal work, you know, the usual activity.” “OK, are [...]

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A continuous approach to IT security

As the digital world increases criminals are likely to continue to ensure that high profile security breaches stay in the headlines. Technology evolves and so do the threats and motivations developed by hackers targeting business of all sizes. The battle goes on, but as the threats increase, so does the ability of a company to [...]

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How to Make a Performance Test Plan

How you make a performance test plan depends on the specific type of tests you’ll run based on the particular questions about your system that you want to answer. Looking to create a performance test plan? Here are some things to consider before you decide to simulate load. Credit for the overview here should be [...]

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Verify Solutions appointed as Value Added Reseller for iTrinegy Solutions

London, United Kingdom, April 5, 2017 – iTrinegy, market leaders in mitigating risk associated with application performance over networks, announced today that it has signed an agreement for Verify Solutions, a network and application performance specialist consultancy, to be a Value Added  Reseller (VAR) for iTrinegy’s award-winning network emulation and network profiling technologies. All application [...]

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